Exactly to your taste


Have it
your way

Feel like a chef and design your own wok from a noodle base to a crunchy topping.

Can’t wait?


See in what time can a delicious warm box land in your hands at our branches. Order online and choose where, when and what can we prepare for you. When you get there, your wok will be waiting for you on the counter.

Concept Wokin

Taste of Asia
in the center of Prague

Enjoy unique Asian streetfood in no time. We will create a wok exactly to your taste and prepare it on high heat right before your eyes. You don’t want to miss this fire show, it has really good food.

Taste and quality first

make the wok

We proudly stand by our ingredients - and not only while we’re turning them into delicious meals in the pans.
I will prepare each dish in a few minutes.

We don’t hide our magic tricks

You can watch your
wok come together

Make your loved ones happy

gift card

Available at all branches,
don't hesitate to ask the staff.